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To address your need for an available and capable problem solver, we have created this offer of applied fundamentals - digging into the details in various technologies, leveraging your existing knowledge, and speeding resolution of complex situations. This parallel versus serial testing approach will avoid the considerable waste of time and money associated with the trial and error approach. A typical project can provide a benefit of $600k. Contact us to help you calculate the potential impact on your project.






Our project work covers several areas

  • Product development (design control) and process validation and characterization - including software tool validation. Early stage or mature levels are equally applicable. Includes medical device, energy and heavy equipment industries.
  • Test strategy (including sample size) and risk assessment with resolution.
  • Test method development.
  • Clinical study set up and analysis.
  • Failure analysis.
  • Non-technical areas such as marketing and business processes.
  • Creating SOPs, guidelines, procedures for sample size, data handling and non-normal data.

If you have concerns about your output accuracy, we can also help you to evaluate your measurement system capability.

A sample of technical areas we have coached

  • Welding, web processes, heat treat, stamping
  • Molding plastic and rubber, foaming (gaskets, diaphragms and piece parts)
  • Adhesive in assembly, epoxy curative reaction, powder coating colorization, adhesive delivery
  • Plating, vapor deposition, cleaning, soldering, polishing
  • Laser cutting and surface grinding equipment
  • Medical fluid sampling equipment
  • Electronics, composites, food, control systems
  • Seal repeatability, product durability/ reliability
  • Office process flow, process waste, manufacturing simulation
  • Analysis of hydraulic, thermal and molding systems

"223 of these St. Thomas student projects saved an estimated $9,193,400."

Design DOE Case Study - cooling

Manufacturing DOE Case Study - welding

Manufacturing DOE Case Study - new equipment set up

Project Execution Are the projects executed valuable? Here are video case studies at various phases of the development process.

How do you know we can do it for you?

In one product development situation, the organization had a design feature that would always cause a schedule delay right before launch - so it was never certain when the project would be done. We provided a solution (and procedure for future projects) that saved 4-6 months of typical development time for the project. Now, every project finishes on the first attempt, continuing to save this time to market that was previously always lost.

In another case, we provided a process solution to meet a set of demanding design requirements. The equipment provider thought it was impossible, the fabricator thought it was impossible, yet the customer demanded it. Not only did we provide the test strategy and find the solution, we led the conference call with the customer to provide the confidence in the solution and an understanding of the scientific process we used to get there. Production resumed smoothly with high yields and a happy customer.

How do you know that Perry's Solutions, Inc. is an expert? Check out Perry's Expert Database profile.

Projects methodology

We have developed our approach from coaching and leading 100s of projects in various industries. And honestly, we have been rocket scientists (propellant development for extreme energy equipment) and have been brain surgeons (devices for deep brain stimulation, actually only dissected a mouse brain - but pretty close). We leverage your team's existing knowledge, apply the smart use of tools (simple analysis templates are on publications page of our website), and have the experience to take confident short cuts (keep it as simple as possible, but not more so). We bring a unique, and experience based process to solve problems - blending engineering, statistical tools and program management view point. By doing this, you save time, beat the competition (and survive), and regain your personal evening and weekend time.

Our ability to help define the problem is "half" of the challenge. Finding the appropriate measurement is the other "half" of the challenge. We work with you to quickly extract this core information and speed the team on the road to confident resolution.

We provide options instead of telling you "what to do." We function more like a peer compared to a "dictator." We work with you to find an acceptable balance compared to holding out for the ideal answer. An external or internal consultant (statistician or black belt expert) with limited exposure to your situation should not act like they know your product or process better than you.


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