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MDM Conference - Perry Parendo

When we started the company, it was all about Design of Experiments (DOE). Our unique and applied training model, and our insightful analysis and interpretation of results, provides project acceleration that was not previously experienced. As we worked together, the organizations would find other "related" areas where they needed work or training so we added that to our project scope. It did not take long for companies to ask "can we do these tasks sooner?" That moved us upstream in the development process to performing risk assessments. The eventual risk plan, or test strategy, could also include DOE but it is not required. Then it grew into helping organizations understand the New Product Development process, and even forming temporary groups to help bring things from idea to market.

The common theme to it all? Coaching. It is not just the math or equations. It is not just lecturing a class or having theories. It is not just writing a report. It is the outcome for the effort and the impact on the players. It is reading the situations and understanding the options to react. DOE remains our core - we have not moved away from it at all. It is now applied in a broader manner.

Again, this is where the basketball coaching and the business/ technical coaching fits together. Everything our company offers relates to coaching the players, improving the skills, and doing what it takes to win the right way.

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Perry Parendo


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