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We provide training to organizations that provides a bridge to reality. A recent survey showed that 31% of local companies are interested in customized training for their employees in 2009. Are you one of them? Are your competitors providing it to their people to get an edge on you? Perry Parendo

Training needs to consider where you are at and where you are going, yet not destroy employee work schedules. This is a time to get coaching and develop a community of problem solvers.

We provide training to address your business needs. Companies are concerned about relevant material, having people away from work for long periods of time, and making sure it gets used when they are done with the training.

We are often training people who are certified, "belted", or highly experienced. We connect the materials and provide further depth.

How do you know our training can work for you?

In the area of DOE, our core area, we have documented a "typical" per student project benefit of $40k. For a class of 10 students, that provides a company benefit of $400k as they are "practicing" and learning. And because the project is a part of the course, this payback is achieved prior to the completion of the training. How many classes can say that?

DOE Training Case Study

How do you know that Perry's Solutions, Inc. is an expert? Check out Perry's Expert Database profile.

Description of techniques and approach:

Perry's Solutions, Inc., has a set of skills to improve products and processes already in manufacturing as well as to develop products and processes in the development stages. The definition of DOE promoted is "a tool to assist in the process of understanding a system." It is important to understand how DOE fits into the overall product lifecycle and where it applies in the area of testing. DOE tools available include full and fractional factorials, central composite, Box-Behnken, Taguchi, Evolutionary Operation, method of steepest ascent, mixture and D-Optimal designs. Simple analysis templates are available on the publications page of this website. A standard, simple process will be presented which allows for improved communication and user confidence in using the tool set.

What areas do we train? We have materials for Design of Experiments, Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Statistical Process Control, Project Management, Gage R&R, Statistics, Problem Solving, and many others. We have also provided mini-sessions related to Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Risk Analysis, Monte Carlo and decision analysis.

We tend to train in weekly 4 hour blocks, use company data for exercises, and develop work related "projects" so they have a head start when they get back to their desk. This allows normal work to continue, time for the material to be absorbed, and bridges the gap to application reality. Once the first few hurdles of real world application are knocked down, the material can be used to benefit the organization.

Many training classes can consume 3 or more days in the same week. This equates to 60% of the normal work week. Our approach only asks for 10% of the week, and is actually more effective for learning and application.


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