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Every New Product Development team needs a great coach

At Perry's Solutions, Inc. we work tirelessly to provide Robust, effective and long-lasting improvements for businesses and the community. Companies call us when their business is experiencing situations like the above.

Strategy, trust and fundamental skills are all keys to success. At Perry's Solutions, we have the experience to provide excellent coaching, with proven and significant results from $400k to $600k on a typical engagement. We use our status as a thought leader in the fields of New Product Development and Design of Experiments (DOE) to give our clients fast and effective solutions for many business cases. Perry Solutions, Inc. is your coach who you can trust to take your products and business to the next level.  

Let Perry's Solutions give your business a competitive edge!

We focus on helping local clients with practical business solutions.
We will provide value or help you find how to obtain it.

If you value trust, knowledge and experience for your business consulting needs, you have come to the right place. We have provided businesses with practical solutions and real results. Those businesses chose us because of our:

  • Trust and discretion
  • Applied industrial experience
  • Focus, Flexibility and Personal Touch
  • Academic perspective (depth of understanding)
  • Engineering background (technical understanding in R&D, design and manufacturing)
  • Program management perspective (results and outcome orientation)
  • Demonstrated ability to apply and teach in many areas
    • Flexible, fresh perspective as an outsider
    • Medical device, defense, aerospace, consumer products
    • Product design and manufacturing processes
    • Large and small projects


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