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Reasons companies invest in Perry's Solutions, Inc.

  • Offers a blended approach to problem solving - DOE, engineering and project management
  • Provides an outside, applied view by someone who knows DOE and design tools inside and out (compliments your existing process)
  • Supplies affordable solutions for small to large companies who lack DOE expertise
  • Provides local expert committed to being available to help projects succeed
  • Delivers wins with DOE - cost savings and avoidance, process capability, intellectual property identification, resolve long-term problems and improve quality
  • Affiliations with applied and practical organizations such as St. Thomas, Anoka Ramsey and American Society for Quality.
  • Presents an experienced, flexible trainer/ consultant who has expertise with a variety of software packages and approaches

Client feedback - Testimonials


A video testimonial from a client who obtained impressive project impacts, but also gained problem solving skills.


"I have hired Perry Parendo several times to assist with various R&D projects and DOE testing and Manufacturing process analysis. Perry assumes a practical approach when determining how best to utilize different testing and analysis techniques. He is able to guide a team of professionals through an investigation, sort through the noise, and focus on the key factors that will have the greatest impact to the desired outcome. His mechanical aptitude and industry experience has lent itself nicely to developing creative test methods and solutions, while his project management skills keep the development moving quickly in a cost-effective manner."
- Project Manager, Medical device industry

"Perry has a unique ability to provide practical solutions for complex technical and business situations. His clear focused approach to our business problem allowed us to save our reputation with a significant customer. Thanks Perry!"
- COO, Consumer products industry

"We had ambitious expectations and needed a DOE win. You were able to address our technical challenge and show scaling options for other designs."
- Equipment manufacturer

"Perry is excellent at using DOE as a tool for solving complex business problems ranging from R&D prototyping, manufacturing process improvements, and operational cost reductions. I recommend Perry as a top consultant in his field."
- Senior Market Analyst, Medical device industry

"I have worked with Perry multiple times on 'Design of Experiments' (DOE) projects. Perry has been an excellent resource in terms of assisting with the setup of DOE designs (using Design Expert software) along with providing an expert opinion about the in depth analysis of results and suggestions for next steps. He is the person to go to for DOE expertise."
- Quality engineer, Medical device industry

"Because of your academic background and defense experience, I was confident you knew how to handle company sensitive material appropriately."
- Research scientist


"Perry is a highly valuable resource in identifying, assessing and producing practical results for key business problems that restrict profitability and growth. I am thankful to have him as a business partner."
- Owner, Product design firm

"Our project had a very aggressive schedule. I appreciate how you made yourself available over the weekends so we could meet the project milestones. And when we provided data at the end of our day, you had feedback for us ready first thing the next morning. Your efforts are greatly appreciated."
- Contract manufacturing company

"You have the ability to filter out the crap."
- Director of Supply Chain, Consumer product industry

"You see all of the parts collectively, organize them effectively, to achieve the end result"
- Senior Engineering Manager, Defense industry


"Perry was well recommended when I first met him. Perry patiently listened to the problem description and asked probing questions to clarify the problem statement. Perry quickly used the information provided to develop a recommendation that met the project needs. I have continued to use Perry's services and have recommended him to several colleagues."
- R&D Manager, Medical device industry

"You helped us resolve a customer concern quickly and confidently. Leading us all through the process was an added bonus during the project review."
- Consumer product company

Watch this video testimonial from a previously skeptical client.


Watch this video testimonial from a DOE client who also grew to utilize our management experience to help deliver the project to market.


"Perry has a gift for spotting the unique contributions each person brings to a team, then pulling in whatever resources are needed so they can do great work with minimal interventions. While working on a high profile project together he kept the management off my back so I could execute my job with maximum speed, minimal interruptions, and unprecedented success. Perry's insight also extends to projects and systems, where his keen eye and extensive experience enables him to identify risks and mitigate them long before anyone else even notices them. And if you pay attention to Perry's methods you'll notice the genius behind even the little things he does that pay off large dividends as a project or team develops"
- Manufacturing Engineer, Medical Device Industry

"Perry is a strong project manager who seeks to cut out unnecessary overhead and drive efficiencies into everything he works on"
- Mechanical Engineer, Medical device industry

"Perry was my primary advisor for my senior design capstone project in the 2007-2008 school year. I led an especially difficult senior design team and Perry gave sound advice on sustaining team motivation that produced substantial results. Our team was not expected to complete all the required tasks, but in the end I was able to lead the team to completing the project and going well beyond the general capstone and project requirements. All that the team accomplished could not have happened without Perry's sound knowledge of project management and leadership. Whenever I had a question Perry quickly responded with good advice. He made sure he made time for every student that requested his time and made a solid effort to get to know every project and student as best he could- despite the fact that there were over sixty students total running twelve to fifteen different projects."
- Student, University of Saint Thomas


"Perry is able to skillfully & professionally balance all aspect of complex projects including technical requirements & challenges, cost, and schedule. Perry has the ability to quickly grasp deep concepts and convey them in simple terms. It was always a pleasure to work with Perry and observe his top-notch standards"
- Project Manager, Defense industry

"Perry Parendo is an extremely motivated and intelligent individual who has always gone the extra mile in his efforts for the students and faculty at the University of St. Thomas. His leadership enables many students to experience a real-world engineering development project, invaluable experience for later in life. He provides a great interface to local business and always seems to get the students across the finish line, serving both the company sponsor and the students themselves. Perry is also demonstrates remarkable skills and knowledge in DOE and other statistically based subject matter. He is a very personable and effective communicator, and is a real asset for any organization he is associated with"
- Adjunct Lecturer, University of St. Thomas

"Perry did an excellent job of managing the senior design clinic and helping the students deal with many practical aspects of engineering such as conflicting product requirements, conflict resolution, and scheduling and budget difficulties. He was also instrumental in developing links with local companies to cultivate projects and to help students find employment. Perry found a great balance between teaching the students about the development process, sharing his skills and insights in that area, and letting them learn on their own"
- Professor, University of St Thomas


"I can recommend Perry strongly as a great communicator. He has been instrumental in forging a stronger relationship between the University's School of Engineering and our Career Center. Through his dedication, tenacity, and sense of responsibility, he has been creative in his efforts to reach out to our staff and students. Perry has presented us with information specific to engineering recruiting, has attended company site visits with me, and has supported my efforts to reach out to engineering classes and students. He is a great collaborator, is flexible, conscientious, an effective presenter, and a great representative I am sure for any initiative"
- - Employer Relations Specialist, University of St Thomas

"During the five-year period when I represented the Army customer on the Crusader vehicle development program at UDLP, Perry was an excellent analyst and engineer. He was incredibly professional and hard-working, and was respected as an expert on robust analysis and design of experiments (DoE). He authored and led a trade study to establish redundant methods for orienting the main weapon (which could shoot a hundred-pound projectile over 20 miles), and the Army adopted his recommendation. He eventually worked on and improved many other facets of the three related vehicles (two tracked, and one wheeled). He always had an excellent reputation among the government program office and Army user staff"
- Program Manager, US Government


Watch this video testimonial from a co-instructor who is very practical and creative.


"Perry has trained me in the areas of Design of Experiments and Six Sigma methodologies. He is an excellent instructor with a wealth of industry experience to back it up. His upbeat style and approach to problem solving is well received and is effective in what he does. Definitely a person I would want on my team."
- Sr. Development Engineer, Medical device industry

"Perry developed customized PFMEA training to help our team better understand the rationale, application and benefit of such a tool. Perry's experience with the subject matter, practical examples and helpful tips and techniques were well received. We have since implemented PFMEAs in our development process."
- VP of Engineering, Medical device manufacturer

"I first met Perry when he was one of my instructors who taught the improvement phase (statistical tools/DOE) of my six sigma green belt class at University of St. Thomas. He is an excellent teacher in terms of content, delivery and keeping the subject matter interesting... I strongly recommend Perry's Solutions, Inc. if your business needs involve help in designing, analyzing, understanding, mentoring, teaching and delivering complex data based solutions."
- Student, St. Thomas Center for Excellence

"Perry has done a great job helping the students develop plans for their projects. In the process he has had several challenges by way of uncooperative 'partners' that didn't make his work easier. Thanks Perry for your great job."
- Professor, U of St. Thomas School of Engineering

"I took Perry's Six Sigma Green Belt training and he definitely knows the subject very well. The training was complete and offered insight towards practical application of the material."
- Quality engineer, Medical device company


"I have taken other DOE courses but this one allowed me to start applying it right away."
- Medical device company

"We've run many DOE's as a result of your class. The DOE's turned out very well, and were successful."
- Design Engineer, Heavy equipment industry

"Perry has a breadth of knowledge in the theory and application of appropriate statistical methods for data analysis. Perry taught both basic and advanced statistics course at my company - which I found to be greatly valuable. Unlike most others who usually lack either the theoretical breadth or the applied knowledge, Perry brought both to the table - which has helped me solve problems at work and meet project schedules."
- Engineering Manager, Medical device industry


"You taught me to think, not just press buttons."
- Instrumentation developer

"You explained the emotional learning cycle of the DOE class - putting us at ease with challenges that we will soon be facing."
- Graduate Student, St Thomas School of Engineering


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