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November 2017

Design Of Experiments (DOE) is all about the set up and overall testing strategy. This link provides a one hour webinar with these basics of DOE. If you want more so you can run basic experiments yourself, you can sign up for the self-paced course, which will be available soon. It does not require special software beyond Excel to start simple tests, with limited analysis. Contact us for more information or for help on your more complicated and important projects. Over 30 years of experience and hundreds of projects in both manufacturing and design applications support this content.

The next core area to discuss with a training program is Analyze. The ability to examine test data using key diagnostics and create an unbiased decision is critical for engineering performance. It is easy to do but overlooked too often. Smart and complete analysis provides key learning points beyond the obvious "model building" desired from Design of Experiments. We provide an analysis Cheat Sheet with our DOE training. Our other classes provide similar tools to assist with retaining key points.

In the fall I created an article about experimentation for MD+DI magazine. This provides the basics of creating a successful experiment with examples. The MDM talk on November 9 expanded on these thoughts to connect with specific FDA expectations. It is good solid engineering and new product development habits for any industry. Call us to avoid bad experiments, reduce scrap and finish projects on time.

Newsletter archive


Design DOE Case Study - cooling

Manufacturing DOE Case Study - welding

Manufacturing DOE Case Study - new equipment set up

DOE In Industrial Testing (2009 White Paper)

Product Understanding (2017 Reliability Consortium)

Innovation in Manufacturing (2012 Central Minnesota Manufacturers Association)

Why Use DOE Upstream in Design (2013 Medical Design and Manufacturing Conference)

YouTube recording and slides for Why Use DOE Upstream in Design

Root Cause Analysis (2012 Life Science Alley)

3 Factor, Full Factorial Template

4 Factor, Full Factorial Template

Reliability and DOE (1998 Reliability Consortium)

DOE Expectations for Tier I and II Medical Industry Suppliers (2007 Biomedical Focus Conference)

Avoiding Design Loops in New Product Development (2012 Professional Development Summit)

Program management

Excellence Framework for New Product Development (2011 Minnesota Quality Conference)

Systematic Innovation (2016 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of Minneapolis Meet Up Group)

Project Management Case Study - Medical Device

Project Management Case Study - Defense

Requirements in Innovative Environments (2013 Professional Development Summit)

DOE in New Product Development (2001 Biomedical Focus Conference)

Getting the Best from your Engineers (2014 Innovators and Entrepreneurs of Minneapolis Meet Up Group)

DOE in Cost Estimating (1998 Society of Cost Estimating Analysts)

Program Management in Education (2008 American Society for Engineering Education)

Is Risk Management Valuable for Me (2010 Minnesota Quality Conference)


Training Case Study - DOE

Robust Design (2015 ASME and IEEE Conferences)

t-Test Explanation (2009 White Paper)

ANOVA Explanation (2011 White Paper)

Connecting FMEA and DOE (2007 Reliability Consortium)

Communicating Statistical Information (2012 Association of Clinical Research Professionals Bootcamp)

Is DOE a Part of Lean? (2007 Minnesota Quality Conference)

Why the Catapult is a Poor Teaching Tool for DOE (2016 White Paper)

3 Factor, Full Factorial Template

4 Factor, Full Factorial Template

Decision Making with Data (2012 Performance Excellence Network - Formerly Minnesota Council for Quality)

YouTube recording and slides for Decision Making with Data

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Engineering Top Performance (2011 Minneapolis Star Tribune)

DOE Brings Benefits to Process Design (Plastics Business, Fall 2012)

Manufacturer Source Selection Interview (Protolabs Blog, 2017)

Trend Analysis to Acquire Knowledge and Increased Volumes (Plastics Decorating, Fall 2012)

New Coach (St. Cloud Times, November 18, 2014)

The Value of Quality Function Deployment in New Product Development (Plastics Decorating, Spring 2015)

Learning Approach to Equipment Set-up (Plastics Decorating, Winter 2016)

Creative by Design (American Society for Quality, August 2015)

Avoid Consequences of an Experiment Gone Wrong (MD+DI Magazine Blog, August 2017)

Podcasts and Radio interviews

May 2016 Accendo Reliability Podcast (link provides access to entire series) "Robust Design Insight"

November 14, 2011, 4-5 pm, AM 1570, "How to Take Your Business to the Next Level"

August 2017 Accendo Webinar "Practical Application of Design Of Experiments - Full Slides and Webinar window available for free members on the Accendo website"

December 16, 2009, 5-6 pm, AM 1570, "Coaching in Business Problem Solving"

May 19, 2010, 4-5 pm, AM 1570, "Good Networking"

Videos and video briefs

Each brief has 3 videos to expand on various areas for each topic. Pick an area of interest and improve your understanding.

Manufacturing Projects How do we approach a manufacturing project - to address it permanently yet with limited scrap and downtime.

Achieving Innovation Companies want to be creative and innovative. How can Design of Experiments help with that? You might be surprised.

Overcoming Development Challenges When a project experiences a challenge, what do you do? What should you do? We explore this topic - a key to successful New Product Development.

Project Execution Are the projects executed valuable? Here are case studies at various phases of the process.

Program Management How can effectiveness be improved with New Product Development? What are keys to success.

Underused Product Development Tools When involved in new product development, we have no time for wasting time. What tools should we be interested in?

Training Effectiveness How do we create a valuable training program? How can we spot a bad one?

Our DOE Process - Decision Making Focus Too often Design of Experiments is presented as a series of tools. Instead, it is best used as a decision making methodology.

Achieving Robust Design Creating a Robust Design is of high interest. How can you make it happen? Can you do it cost effectively? We can provide a design or process that meets the level of robustness that you desire and maintain your schedule.

A listing of our YouTube videos, covering a range of topics, is provided below:


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