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Playbook of services

Perry Parendo Perry Parendo

We offer three main services: Solving new product challenges, assembling active product development teams, and training personnel for New Product Development.


What do we do

We quickly evaluate options and perform the critical analysis to narrow to the best solution. We create plans to understand what makes a product tick and identify root cause. The earlier we are involved, the better - including start up organizations. Even for short projects we have saved months on the project schedule, and years on long term projects. There is a corresponding cost savings as well. We help reduce the development costs and the true costs reflected in inspection, rejection and returns.


Most companies lack experienced problem solvers. And if they do have a capable one, they are not always available - either because they are too busy or because they work in another department. Abilities to perform risk analysis, develop test strategy and provide solutions are not common enough for organizations. Many struggle with meeting competing requirements, addressing a persistent yield concern, or improving through put. Our typical project provides a benefit of $600k, and we can show you the benefit for your project.

In a recent project, we provided support for a company's "impossible project". Several times questions came up about cutting the project. Even though the technology advance would be an important change for customers, maybe this idea was not realistic. At one point, we recommended a redesign which solved performance concerns. Later, manufacturing concerns were studied and addressed with process adjustments and other design changes. Our work continued to quickly optimize the new features. The project is now considered a success technically and from a market perspective.

We can also help you evaluate your measurement system capability.

Program management

Sometimes an organization will have a new idea for a first or next phase product offering, and they need a new team to help pull it together. How do you find a team of people who can work together, who you can be confident in, and be assembled in a short period of time? During these periods of focused design work, we can create a temporary team (internal and external members) using our expert network. Focus is on the outcome of the program, not just on the deliverable outputs.

We have developed and coached teams in multiple environments who have created product development speed records. Once a three year project was completed in 1 1/2 years. Another time an 18 month project was finished in 11 months (while also cleaning up an old project to improve manufacturability).


Companies need training, and work related coaching, that possesses smart time usage, applicable information and practical implementation. Often times, training leaves a huge gap between lecture and reality. Some will use toys to teach, which may be fun, but it does not bridge the gap to practical application.

Through our training, we have coached over 223 DOE projects and saved an estimated $9,193,400 (not including about 8 outliers that were "too high", which would more than double the savings). This means a class of 10 people can create a $400k benefit for your organization during the training!


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