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Program management

We will help assemble a temporary team from our extensive network, based on what your idea needs, and will be focused on the outcomes you desire. This could include marketing, design, manufacturing, clinical, legal or other specialty areas. Perry's Solutions, Inc. will manage the program so you have a "one stop shop" regarding outcome expectations and billing. We bring in people that will have the expertise required and people we know we can work with. This provides a quick start for your project, simplicity of implementation, and the highest likelihood of success on the road to market. This could provide a benefit of $600k to your organization, depending on the project.

Coaching your innovative people is another offer that we provide to organizations. Bringing an idea through the development process has many considerations to balance. We can provide assistance to a sharp technical person or discuss how to get your project manager through the various hoops that they are facing.

How do you know we can do it for your organization?

It is a well known fact that corporate milestones are only met 20-30% of the time. With all of the tracking, training and certification, why is it not more effective?

In the past, we have achieved development "speed records" in a number of industries, on significant and complex projects while in various management positions. This is "big picture" speed - which means we are looking at getting to market, or getting to approval. We are not just finishing a task and putting in on the shelf. This is all done within budget.

Once a three year project was completed in 1 1/2 years. Another time an 18 month project was finished in 11 months (while also cleaning up an old project to improve manufacturability). Largest corporate led project was $100,000,000 and included leading development teams in California, Michigan, Ireland and England.

Program Management Case Study - Medical Device

Project Management Case Study - Defense

We have also led New Product Development projects in the Senior Design class at St Thomas. This was in a Director of Engineering role for 30 projects over a 3 year period. It provided the opportunity to capture best practices, scope projects and evaluate the impact in a focused, one year time frame.

Description of capabilities and methodology

We bring a systems perspective right from the beginning of a project. Requirements are an important part of creating the desired outcome. Intent, interpretation and ingenuity are important characteristics to perform this work. Studies show that 70% of projects fail because of poor requirements. Requirement generation is an evolving series of steps that involves needs, requirements, regulations, and constraints.

Risk management is another critical area for success. We have resolved the highest risk on a billion dollar government program. We have provided workshops to help others understand and resolve their own risks. What track record do we have? If we are successful, then nothing challenging happens - so how do we know we did anything? If big, bad things do happen that does not mean we failed. It simply means the challenge was large and difficult to overcome. The goal is to come to this conclusion as quick as possible. This is what makes the speed records possible.

Program management related areas beyond requirements generation and risk management include earned value methods, parametric cost estimating, scheduling, budgeting, critical path and PERT analysis, project execution, project reporting, and contingency planning.

We are familiar with new product development processes from DoD, FDA (cGMP), FAA, auto (APQP), DFSS, Toyota, Phase/ Gate, and more. These are really just a series of problem solving activities and status reviews based on the risk involved. We have improved the New Product Development process and related business processes in multiple industries so understand the unique nature of the solutions required.

We have written proposals for government programs and for grant applications. This includes application for SBIR grants. Having a strategy and a team to execute the plan is essential for success. We have helped with both areas.


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